SHAIKHOO.PK – IT’S ALL INSIDE, a complete online shopping solution of Pakistan that claims that It’s all inside, what you demand or require.

We deal with the customized products exactly the way, you want, which are committed to being unique and up to the current trend.

Shaikoo has been working in this Pakistan’s online shopping industry for a long duration, it has seen the earlier as well as modern era, so it best understands the nature of work & the sensibility of satisfaction of a client.

Our Products:

Shaikhoo’s proud products include,

• Customized Gold Plated Rings

• Customized Gold Plated Bracelets

• Customized Gold Plated Necklaces (Pendants)

• Customized Gold Plated cuff links

• Customized Gold Plated Earrings

• Customized Acrylic Wall Clocks

• Customized Wrist Watches

• Customized Acrylic Hanging Photo Frames

• Customized Metal Keychains

• Shield Metal Keychains

• Wooden Heart Shaped Keychains

• Wooden Round Shaped Keychains

• Customized Lighters

• Customized Wooden Pen

• Printed Mobile Backcover

• Printed T-shirts

• Printed Caps

• Acrylic Table Name Clock

• Acrylic Table Name Showpiece

• Acrylic Photo Frames

• Customized Magic Mugs

• Customized White Cup

Shaikoo is working to develop new ideas to extend the range of its products even further.


It would have never been possible to grow this farther without your love and support.

So, Shaikoo pays special regards to its valued customers who have always encouraged and enthused us to put more efforts and dedications to improve the quality and taste of our products.


Our Broad Collection of Item

With about 100+ products to choose from, we assert to provide you one that could fit best for any of your occasion.
For the occasions when you are confused about what to get, we are here to enable you to discover something that best catches your moments.

Our helping hand attitude

Shaikoo has always tried & will continue trying to keep their respected customers happy and to respond to your email and telephone inquiries as quickly as possible so you can buy with confidence.

Shaikoo’s aim is to build your trust on a top priority.

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